I'm delighted to announce the launch of my second Skillshare class!
In this class you will learn how to create a seamless pattern entirely in Procreate, putting it into a built in half drop repeat right from the very first sketch.
I've turned the normal process of pattern design on its head and you'll be learning how to create the framework for the pattern first and then illustrate your motifs at the very end! 
This makes it a great technique to learn even if you use traditional mediums like watercolour or gouache to illustrate your motifs; you can create your pattern layout and then use your sketch as a guide to only paint the motifs that you actually need!
I’ll show you how to set your canvas up so you can see exactly where your pattern edges meet so that you can create seamlessly flowing patterns on the fly.
It’s almost like working with a pattern preview and I know you’re going to love creating patterns this way because it really streamlines your workflow!
How many times have you wished you'd drawn something slightly bigger or a different way when you've come to put the pattern together?
Well, with the "diamond method" you get to create the exact motifs to fit your pattern rather than trying to piece them all together after you have drawn them. I make all my patterns this way now and I only wish I'd come up with this method sooner!
This is a great class for both seasoned pattern designers and also students who are new relatively new to the topic. As long as you have an iPad and Apple Pencil plus Procreate installed then you're good to go! It really is a simple way of creating seamless half drop patterns and I will explain everything as we go along.

Once you have learned to make patterns this way, you can quickly and easily create your own designs for uploading to sites like Spoonflower, Redbubble or Society6 and start your career or side hustle in surface pattern design; no Photoshop required! All you need to get started is an iPad, Apple Pencil and the latest version of Procreate.

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