Learn how to use your iPad and Apple Pencil as a graphics tablet using Apple Sidecar.
In this class, you’ll learn how to use Apple Sidecar to speed up and enhance traditional painting techniques that you are already doing.
-I’ll show you how your iPad can fit seamlessly into your existing non-digital workflows.
-Quickly test out layouts and create custom palettes to plan your work before you get your paints out.
-Discover how to paint in a way that makes for easier editing.
-How to use your iPad to add linework separately, allowing for maximum editing capability and minimum cleanup time.
-Use your iPad to easily remove the background from tricky areas.​​​​​​​
Your class project will be to create a simple painting in a medium of your choice and then bring it into Photoshop to clean up and then add some digital linework. You will have a finished piece of artwork that you can export for printing or sharing on social media.
Follow along from sketch to print as I digitise, edit and add linework to a simple painting, using an iPad like a pen display graphics tablet working directly in Photoshop on the desktop. 

As well as learning how to use Apple Sidecar I will also cover:

-The best scanning settings to use.
-How I remove the paper background.
-How I separate my colours onto layers for easy editing.
-How to recolour your artwork.
-How to add metallic details to your artwork (copper swatch included in the class resources.)
-How to export in different image sizes for print or social media.
Some very basic knowledge of Photoshop and being familiar with your iPad is helpful for this class but I will walk you through everything as we go. This class is also useful for experienced designers looking to pick up some new tricks for speeding up their workflow.
After taking this class you will be able to apply what you have learned to your own art styles and workflows and make the most of your iPad and apple pencil even when you’re creating with traditional painting methods.
I can’t wait to see what you create!
See you in class!

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